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Make hundreds of dollars a day online VENDING Bitcoin from home (Episode 1, Amazon gift cards)

—-Sign up here and follow along to make your account—-

This mini series will show you how to make hundreds of dollars a day as I have for the last 3 years by selling Bitcoin peer-to-peer over escrowed trades.
I guide you through step by step instructions with how to quickly make an account, and set up your offers.

In this episode I cover the payment method of Amazon gift cards and how to turn this back into Bitcoin and US Dollars for a end profit of over 30%
I show you how In one day I made over $900 in 4 hours
and another instance of making $110 in just three minutes.
If you have questions, I prefer Instagram IG @zachwitchey

—-Sign up here and follow along to make your account—-

ONLY USA, Canada, Australia, Turkey, and European countries can be verified
You need 50 trades with 20+ partners
You must verify ID, and proof of address.
Once this is complete, you record a video of yourself making a specific instructed statement and show your PASSPORT ID.

*Vendor applications currently on hold* start working on all the following. If you aren't from an eligible country please don't message me, I can't help you.

Buy BTC to get started (Credit/Debit/Bank)

EARN BTC with Amazon Gift Card Balance

EARN BTC by fulfilling orders on Purse

Sell gift cards you buy off Amazon for cash into your bank

(PayPal, ACH, Mailed check)

(Instant digital checks you can print and deposit from phones or banks)

PayPal, ACH, Mailed check

For coaching advice and donations- send BTC here

My main BTC deposit address

(this link shows you how many BTC i've sold. 250

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