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The “Art” of Non-Registered Assets = CryptoCurrency / Bitcoin + Collectibles = Future

Unprofessional, Unregulated, and Under Pressure



Rudy's Magic Store
10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

The following Boxes are available for Patrons this month

MTG- Commander 2017 – SOLD OUT
MTG – Hour of Devastation
MTG – Amonkhet
MTG – Aether Revolt
MTG – Kaladesh
MTG – Shadows over Inn

Force of Will – Echoes of New World
Force of Will – Legacy Lost
Force of Will – Return of Dragon Emperor

Final Fantasy Opus II
Final Fantasy Opus III – Late August/early Sept

Pokemon Burning Shadows
Pokemon Guardians Rising
Pokemon Sun / Moon
Pokemon Evolutions
Pokemon Fates Collide
Pokemon Steam Siege
Pokemon Breakthrough

Regal Assets Banner
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